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A Retro Futuristic Point and Click Adventure Game set in The Atomic Space Era

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Point and Click Gameplay

Clasic Point and Click Fun with modern mechanics, Explore A Beautiful Atomic Ranch with a underground secret facility, Search for clues, Find Items and Solve Puzzles, no Hidden Objects or pixel hunting.

3D Fast Real Time Graphics

Discover a Beatiful Retro futuristic world rendered with colorful high quality graphics, move fast between scenes with responsive touch controls, solve clever puzzles taking advantage of 3D Design.

Challenging Fun to Solve Puzzles

Well Designed and Balanced Puzzles that are fun to solve for the experimented puzzler and friendly for brand new players, All the Puzzles are designed to feel Challenging yet not frustrating.

Beyond this World Storyline

Solve an Atomic Space Travel Conundrum, Discover the amazing secret hidden under an apparently regular Mid Century Atomic Ranch, Crack the codes to Access the Confidential files to reveal the truth about a profound Space Conspiracy.


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